God and Mammon

Joanna Moriarty and Douglas Board explore when and how churches should ask for commercial skills and what pitfalls to avoid when asking.

Theology of Disagreement

A Theology of Disagreement examines how New Testament texts inform Christian approaches to disagreement.

Relay to COP26

A one-hour informal briefing and discussion about how HeartEdge churches can participate in the Relay to COP26.

Jesus is Just Alrigh (4 of 4)

Week 4: If I Believe You. This session will use these songs to help us understand and articulate the various ways we consider “belief”, and how that relates to our identities as modern Christians.

Jesus is Just Alrigh (3 of 4)

Week 3. Pop songs are full of prayers. But rather than relying on familiar words, musicians lift their voices to Jesus in ways that are often highly personal and heartbreakingly honest.

Jesus is Just Alrigh (1 of 4)

Week 1: Beer With Jesus. Cowboy, soldier, friend, mother, gangsta: Jesus has appeared in all these guises. What do these different incarnations say about the ways modern Christians have imagined Jesus?

St Martin-in-the-Fields


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