Partnering with God

A conversation about justice, music, jobs, and hope inspired by the HeartEdge church network.

Being with

What is the heart of the notion of ‘being with'.

Why be enterprising?

Entrepreneurial impacts for churches. Sharing experiences of enterprise through stories and tips from practitioners.

Reimagining Church (Part 2)

Come see and hear more about how church music has been reimagined in the aftermath of lockdowns and into the post-pandemic future.

Reimagining Music in Church

Come see and hear some of the benefits, the experiments, and the challenges of music in an age of online church.

Art and Social Impact

A conversation with artists whose work has a social impact dimension in order to explore the question of art and social change.

Shut In, Shut Out, Shut Up

Part 1. Since 2012 the Living Edge conferences have held space for disabled and neurodivergent people to gather.

St Martin-in-the-Fields


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