Finding Your Form

A talk by Malcolm Guite, given as part of our Parish Day, Saturday 15th August 2020.

The theme of the day was ‘The Imagination of God’. 


  1. Shelley Montague

    This is a marvellous talk which I have enjoyed very much. Listening to the depth of knowledge and experience of Martin Guite has been an encouragement and a iprivilege. Thank you.

  2. Kai Moldenschardt-Bird

    I have always been interested in the learning process and in gaining new insights and acquiring different angles on familiar and not so familiar ‘subjects’. I do not know Malcolm Guite but he does remind me very much of someone else whom I once knew who could speak on any given subject, for any amount of time, seemingly without once drawing breath, while still being able to grab and hold his audience’s attention, which shows that classical theatrical training goes a long way. Dying of the light……hopefully not! “The Imagination of God” – not quite – but I am sure, given half a chance, there is more to come…..


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