Art and the Liturgical Year:
Bringing the Church Kalendar to Life

The visual arts have the power to change our perceptions and even transport us to unfamiliar places. Think about how you feel when you sit quietly and contemplate a stained-glass window or wander the halls of an art museum. Art offers us opportunities to transform our vision and perspective and to step into someone else’s shoes and community.

Imagine the way art influences our thinking about our faith – a painting in an English cathedral will likely bring a much different perspective of Jesus than one portrayed in a Coptic icon. In viewing each, we expand our vision of what our faith means and how different cultures express fundamental truths. Art is a means to stir our imagination and bring fresh meaning to our faith.

During this workshop, our panel will discuss engaging artists with parishes and congregations to explore art in the context of the Church calendar. We’ll also look at how our liturgical year can be a source of inspiration for artists and explore how artists can use their talents to open up our understandings of the faith in new ways.

Attendees will leave with tangible approaches to using visual arts in conjunction with scripture and our Church calendar to bring concepts from the liturgical year to life for congregations. Learn how exhibitions and installations can amplify the message of seasons like Advent or Lent and hear how this work benefits both artists and congregations. This workshop is presented by the CEEP Network in partnership with the HeartEdge Network and CARAVAN.

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