Autumn Lecture Series 2022

What am I Living For? The Search for Meaning

Monday 26th September
What am I Living For? God

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What Am I Living For? God

Are the words God and meaning identical? In our opening lecture we reflect upon God as the object of our search for meaning.

Sam Wells

Sam Wells is Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields where he leads a unique community with its commercial, cultural and charitable initiatives rooted in a vibrant congregational life. He is also a widely known preacher, broadcaster and author. Earlier this year he published Humbler Faith, Bigger God: Finding a Faith to Live By, which takes the most profound criticisms of Christianity and the church as the pretexts for finding a truer, more honest trust in God.

Lucy Winkett

Lucy Winkett is a writer, broadcaster and Rector of St James’s Church Piccadilly. Formerly a professional musician, and Precentor of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, her publications include Our Sound is our Wound, God’s Song and Music’s Meaning and Reading the Bible with your Feet. As Chaplain to the Royal Academy of Arts, she is committed to working with artists, musicians and scientists to enable the church to place its imagination in the service of justice, as patron, collaborator and co-conspirator in making the world a more just and beautiful place.


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